Day: August 19, 2019

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Smart Film Installation

Surface Installation Basics REQUIRED EQUIPMENT Window scraper/razor Nitrile gloves Glass cleaner Isopropyl alcohol Microfiber towels Liquid glass polish (optional) 18 Gauge Electrical wires Neutral glass silicone (Silglaze, Dow Corning or similar) Microfiber towels Squeegee Wire stripper Soldering iron Lead-free solder Trim of your choice (non-conductive) Do NOT use water or any other liquids for installation …

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How Smart Glass Benefits Healthcare & Medical Environments

Healthcare providers are constantly aspiring to provide the best possible environment for their patients. By continuing to upgrade their facilities, hospitals and other healthcare providers can ensure that patients feel as comfortable as possible. A cornerstone feature of improving patients’ experiences is to embrace new technologies as they become available. One such technology that has …

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