Smart Glass Connection for Pivot Door

3 important steps to know when you plan to install a smart glass door:

  1. Pivot wire connection
  2. Electrical basbar location (on the side or top and bottom)
  3. U-channel cover for basbar
  • Pivot

This wire connection solutions is the best and most popular because is easy, safe for the wires and esthetic from the design point because the wires are hided inside of the pivot. 

As there is no frame around the glass for a wire tube connection, we need to find out a smart solution for the wires. Because is only a top patch on the door, we get an interesting idea to let the wires going through the patch on top.

We don’t need to use other extra accessories, just OPEN AN HOLE on the top patch joint part, see the video below:

At this link you can find the full CRL setup from the video:

  • Electrical Basbar

Basbars on the Top

Video example: Basbars on the Top and Bottom

Basbars on the side

Video example: Basbars on the side (here we used black color u-channel, same as the frame).

  • U-channel cover

For the frameless doors we need a solution to cover the basbar. The U-channel with same color as frame will be a best solution. Please see examples below:

Video examples:

Request a consultation with an Smart Glass Certified Installer in your city: Click Here


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