The growing popularity of the switchable Smart Film use at the office spaces

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Nowadays offices and commercial buildings are the most eager to try new technologies at workplaces. We are very glad to admit that it comes to our product.

The switchable PriWatt™ Glass and PriWatt™ Film come- to solve one of the most annoying dilemmas – how to make everything in the office as transparent as possible with having some simple privacy when needed?

Healthpeak Properties had the same problem. Fortunately, we have found a solution for them.

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“We found out about Smart Glass from one of the architects who had designed our suite in Irvine, CA”, – says Keith Bereskin, VP – Information Technology & Building Operations at Healthpeak Properties, Inc.

The project consisted of applying PriWatt™ Film to 4 glass panels, keeping one-third of the panels’ top transparent. Due to our experienced team of installers and the popularity of projects like this, the installation went smooth and easy.

The transformer was hidden in the celling as in the majority of offices. According to Keith Bereskin “For now, we are not expanding smart glass in our suites, but if we do, Smart Glass Technologies will be the first team we contact”.

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Video from the project:


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